Cache games and expensive tournaments: How did the world of the world of poker Esphen Jorsstad have changed

After winning in the main event of the world series, poker Espen Jorsad confessed that he would finally be on the bankrolrole tournaments for $ 25,000. It was quickly revealed that the Norwegian poker is ready to play and much more expensive.

In September, Espen Yorsstad will become one of the star participants of the tournament in Cyprus Coin Riveet Invitation With bay-in 200,000 dollars. The organizers personally make a list for this event, which will include 64 players (32 professionals and 32 "A lover"). Apart from Yarsstad, Phil Awi, Ben Lamb, Steve O’Dweyer and Tony Ji, who will protrude from "amateurs".

And right now the Norwegian World Champion is in Los Angeles, where the Cash-Game road is held Hustler casino. There are traditionally gone by professionals, businessmen and just lovers who do not mind spending several hundred thousand dollars.

The first episode of play with Blinds $ 100/200 and a $ 400 shot was broadcast in YouTube. In addition to Esphen Yorsstad, one of the main regulators in Hustler – was also played Harrett Adelstin.

The other day, the Norwegian also updated his YouTub Channel, where he outlined a mental video with Adrian ettenboro. He told that he took the lessons from reading Tellez, and found one in the yortstad – allegedly breathing deeper when he puts on Velia.