For a festive mood: light comedies about poker one evening

Today will remain forever in the history of Ukraine due to the liberation of the city of Kherson. If you do not know how to celebrate and love poker, we recommend watching a comedy movie on this subject.

Comedy is the best genre to continue the festive mood. The next list of films did not collect "Oscars", But all of them are removed behind the canons of the best films about poker.

"7 days to vegas" ("Walk to Vegas", 2019)

Duke (Vincent Van Patten) is a former actor who organized poker in Hollywood. The things were going well until Sebastian (Ross McKoll) squeezed the game, and Duke himself did not put $ 1,000,000 in the financial pyramid. Then Duke proposes to beat the establishment that for one million dollars he will be able to walk from Los Angeles to Vegas with a backpack on his shoulders. This picture does not show poker distributors with a large plan, but there are many cards, chips and a live atmosphere of the game on the screen.

"Joke" ("The Grand", 2007)

Jack Faro (Woodi Harrelson’s Woodi) inherited the Casino inherited. But his wicked lifestyle leads to the fact that the business is falling apart. Jack has to organize a poker tournament in format "The winner gets everything" With the only prize of $ 10,000,000. Joins the tables and itself. This money will be enough to pay off with debt. Vegas, real pouring and a lot of unlimited Holdem – this movie will definitely like avid players.

"Weapons, girls, excitement" ("Guns, Girls and Gambling, 2012")

This movie is very colorful characters, a lot of humor, and the name itself is a parody on "Cards, money, two trunks". The reference to the genre of criminal fighter is, but the tape itself is comedy. The chief hero named John Smith (Christian Slater) is not very happy in life. He is robbed, the girl leaves him and now hope only for poker.