Movie Scenario: Daughter and father were a step away from WSOP bracelets

Botfeldy’s family history can be taken as a basis for a movie and kids’ movie script. David taught his daughter Amanda poker as a child, and now they played together in the most prestigious series where they were very close to success.

Father and daughter took 3rd place in Tag Team WSOP tournament with Bay-in $ 1,000. Each of them won over $ 25,000, which is an absolute record for both David and Amanda.

David Botfeld so loved poker since childhood that one day a birthday gave him a poker table. This admiration remained a large part of David’s life but later the family and work made you forget about poker. When Amanda was born, the passion for this game returned again.

When I was 7 years old, my father gave me a portable game in a video keeper. I played in her until the batteries were completely, – Amanda Botfeld recalls.

Amanda loved poker even more than her father. The girl approached the game consciously, constantly studied and increased her level. She wrote a book "Poker guide for girls", Works as instructor at Poker Power and also writes articchat articles.

This summer in Las Vegas Amanda Botfeld won over $ 5,000 in Ladies tourna. The girl felt confidence to first try her hand at a world series of poker.

Amanda Botfeld at the WSOP tournament / Photo Sardschat

Together with their father, they sat down to play not a typical Wsop Tag Team tournament where participants compete in 2 -person teams. As a result, 641 team gathered. Despite the fierce competition, the family tandem of Botfeldhd took the 3rd place, stopping in just two steps from the bracelet.

It was a real team game of father and daughter. In one of the distribution I had to hiro-run on the whole stack. I did the right one. But I would not have decided to such if I had not been sure of my father 100%, – Amanda Botfeld admitted.

Benefits $ 25,000 for everyone had a minor value. The experience and the opportunity to spend time together was important. Father was proud of a daughter who could not stop smiling after a grand success. Having received his win, Amanda and David went together for a festive dinner.