How to Build a Career in Restaurant Business: The Dang Brothers History

Their names stood in one row with Philo of Ive, Patrick Antonius, Tom Dan and others. However, these guys will not meet at the tables to play. We tell where they disappeared and what happened to a millions of dollars won.

In 2010, the brothers were spent all their time in the basement of the parent house, where in their own words, literally, printed money. This is, of course, about millions of winnings in the online cock. Both Dangs are one of the dozens of the most successful cache players in history with a joint ward (pure win) of over $ 14 million. The favorite rival of both was, by the way, famous for his love for poker founder Cirque du soleil Gui Lalibert. Brothers admit that they tried not to miss a single session with the participation of a Canadian. It is known that in general Lalibert lost over $ 30 million at poker tables and much of them got to Denha.

At the same time, only online they were not limited to. Di and hack were familiar guests in private poker rooms in Makao and Las Vegas, where to win or lose a million dollars could be in a few minutes.

Everything changed Black Friday in 2011 when the US was banned from online cage. Brothers regarded this as an opportunity to completely change their own life. All of the money they have invested in a restaurant business. Currently, di and hack owners of six prestigious establishments specializing in seafood at once. However, today Denngs do not hide that the road to the world of big business opened them precisely through poker.