Psychology of poker: How to curb emotions and “read” opponents

Poker is the most popular card game in the world that often causes contradictory feelings. Players adore it for the unique taste of victories and hate during unsuccessful periods, but only a small part of them is able to discard emotions and enjoy every distribution, regardless of its result.

Poker mathematics is included in the compulsory training program for every professional, but the psychological aspects of the game are hardly paid, but they have a huge impact on the overall result. A living game is impossible without the ability to read an opponent, which is often more valuable than the ideal theoretical base, and the success of the battle at virtual poker tables depends on the ability to make the right decisions in a stressful situation.

To your attention – Tips to help you get rid of some problems that slow down to the pinnacle of poker skill.

Light out before the game

Warm up before playing football does not raise questions – athletes are well aware of its importance. But who knead before the poker session? The vast majority of players are limited to the choice of music or reading forums and then just sit down at the table. However, preparing for the game is very important and should be an integral part of the schedule, since it can minimize all distracting factors and focus on what really matters.

It is precisely from the messaging and moving the phone to the silent mode that preparatory ritual should begin. Try to find a desert and quiet place and create a comfortable atmosphere in it. After that focus on the weak moments of your game and several times talk them out loud. These simple actions will help you get the right mood and you don’t have to do it while playing.

Before the session I open a notebook and analyze four to five boarding boards,
– Dmytro "Freeq" Nikitin.

Learn not to worry through Bed bits

Bed-Bit is a poker situation when the best combination loses worse that was able to improve in late rounds of trade. Probably every player had a unique sensation after almost won chips were in his hands at a rival who was lucky. Several Bed bits in a row can take out even the most stressful poker and make them resort to impulsive actions in an attempt to take revenge on the offender and often lose much larger amounts.

It is not easy to curb emotions, but it is extremely necessary, because they prevent the optimal decisions from making. Try to understand that Bed-bits are an integral part of poker. They make the game an element of luck that attract lovers of thrill. Don’t be pinged for money, but focus on the right game – and success will not wait.

The whole problem of stories about Bed bits is that they have no value. Why do people tell these stories? In order to complain: "I’m here for no, I just don’t be happy!",
– Daniel Negran.

Don’t play on autopilot

The first mention of the game "on autopilot" can be found in the works of poker psychologist Jared Tendler. In other words, it is a scattered game when a poterist makes thoughtless action, often distracted by extraneous things. There can be many reasons for this condition, but as the main ones can be distinguished fatigue, stress, long sessions and distracting factors.

Try to reduce the duration of sessions and also do a little physical exercise in breaks. In order to better control the quality of decisions, you can use such a classic technique – to say every action and the cause from which it will be profitable. Can do it about yourself or aloud if no one hears you. Only attention begins to scatter-take an additional break. So you can avoid autopilot and learn to play consciously.

You play huge pressure and see how your rivals feel like in a similar situation. The strongest players do not cease to study, but a thoughtless play on autopilot invariably leads to fall,
– Kristen Blnel

Pay attention to rest

High -quality rest is one of the best stress medicines. Only a few hours in nature will help you forget about failures and get rid of tension. Try not to think about poker and enjoy the world around you. Active rest in nature will saturate the body with oxygen, improve metabolism and restore performance, which will undoubted.

My favorite hobby is to play football and relax in nature with people who inspire me,
– Fedor Holtz

Donunstrik – not a sentence!

Every poker-pro real understands that it is impossible to play all the time plus. Despite the fact that most of the success in the king depends on the skill, good luck often makes its adjustments. Unlike Bed Bit, the Downship (prolonged disintegration strip) causes strong psychological pressure on the player-he begins to lose confidence in his own actions and makes rude mistakes. It is the ability to tolerate failure distinguishes a strong professional from a simple lover.

During this period it is worth looking at the game from a different angle. Maybe you just don’t beat the limit and the best solution will be a step back. In addition, playing low rates will help overcome the fear of losing a lot of money and get back a good mood. Analyze every hand -played distribution carefully and discuss the solutions with your friends, because a fresh look at the situation may often be better than yours.

We are not powerful over the results in a short distance, so there is no point in thinking about them. I keep confidence in my strategy and play a lot,
– Raphael Serpeedes

Even famous players make the poker stars mistakes have a huge number of fans who tend to idealize their idol game. Representatives "old school", which include Daniel Negrean, Phil Helmut, Doyle Branson and others, cannot compete with young rivals who have spent hundreds of hours on theoretical preparation, but still won through the wonderful reading of the opponent. In addition, they are not an example of patience, so the whole world is gladly watching epic pranks performed by legendary professionals.

Understanding your own shortcomings is the first step to solving the problem, so it will be extremely useful for everyone to look at the game in terms of psychology and to correct minor mistakes that at the same time slow down progress. Permanently refine your skills – and you will never have to look for motivation.