Swedish professional earned almost a million dollars a week

At the beginning of the week, Blolo won the online series of Hayrolers with Bairolers with Bairolers with Bay-in, the other day finished in the entry of 25 thousand, and last night won another title of this series. In the hedz-aphai tournament for $ 25,000 with a guarantee. In general, successes in these three tournaments brought Victor over $ 900,000 in prize.

The amount is, of course, impressive… and not for Victor Bloma who won even larger banks for one distribution! We have already mentioned that the main profile of Swedish cache game. In 2009, a player under nicknames at Nick was taken on tables with the highest limits in online "Isildur1". Despite the fact that he was a newcomer among the elite, isildur1 very quickly earned himself the reputation of a classy player. He played equal with all the main stars of the time: Phil Ive, Tom Dnab, Patrick Antonius … his largest bank "Isildur1", By the way, he won precisely in confrontation with Philo of Ive-$ 1,28,000 in Pot-Smith Omah with Blinds $ 500/1000.

Two years "Isildur1" remained anonymous and provoked a lot of rumors and assumptions around his person. However, in 2011, Victor Blov still discovered the poker world that he was hiding under this nickname.