The poker world champion wants to take money: who is blackmailing Esphena Jarstad

According to Theologis, when Yarsstad was leading on the 7th day of the main event of the world series of poker, they agreed on an agreement on exchange of 3% of shares. The Norwegian does not remember this, correspondence on social networks was not about it, and in general, he met with Alex several times in his life.

At first Yorsstad tried to resolve the issue peacefully. They met, Espen showed theologis the original document, which recorded all the information about the exchanges, and also clearly explained that in addition to the confidence of Alex himself there is no evidence of their arrangements – neither in the documents nor in the memory.

However, rumors that the world champion from poker does not give debt, began to spread on the Internet. The story again became public when in Cyprus during the cache game to Yorsstad came a stranger drunk and suggested to go outside. Norwegian quickly explained to a stranger that he did not know the situation at all.

After that, Espen Yorsstad decided to write publicly about the situation with Alex Theologis, so that he no longer arises questions. He also expressed his readiness for arbitration with the participation of Mike McDonald, Aisek Hexton or other pokerists who could witness the conversation with the Greek porester.

Theologis himself is convinced that Yorsstad simply does not remember the exchange, but does not give up his words. He claims that they agreed orally during one of the meetings. "I did not gather no publicity, I understand how it all looks, but I would have reacted differently in his place differently", Said theologis.