The poker who earned millions on sports ponds purchased a football club in Spain

Haralabos Vulgaris is a professional of any business. Having received serious capital at sports ponds, he worked at the NBA club, played poker on high limits, and now purchased a Spanish football club "Castellion".

A year ago, Haralabos Vulgaris headed the analytics department at the NBA Club "Dallas Mavericks". The news about the purchase of the football team of the third division of Spain was seriously surprised, as the last successes of the Canadian were associated with Power, where he made a successful career and won over $ 3,000,000.

Successful Better

For the first time, Vulgarisa Haralabos was talked about as one of the most successful players who are betting on the NBA match. To gambling he began to get used to an early age. The father constantly took his son on the racetrack where he was betting. Later Kharalabos will become successful Better, however, in basketball.

In College he managed to raise startup capital of $ 70,000. It was enough to make your dream come true. Love for basketball, analytical mind and understanding of psychology of sports made him a successful player on ponds. As Kharalab Vulgaris himself confessed, in 2002 he saw a simple basketball pattern that brought him a lot of money for many years.

Haralabos Vulgaris analyzes matches / photos from Facebook pages

It was due to the fact that most bookmakers were set about the same total totalas in basketball, although the latter was often delayed through constant fouls, free throws, and as a consequence – increased efficiency. Only on this 30-year-old guy was able to earn a million dollars.

Poker Hiroler

In addition to the NBA rates, Vulgaris discovered poker in all its manifestations. Here he also managed to become successful. Participation in the world series of poker, various shows, millions of win.

Haralabos Vulgaris at Hirolers Tournament / Photo PokerNews

As of September 2020, he had more than $ 3,000,000 in the prize in live tournaments, despite the fact that he considered himself a specialist in Cash-Igor. Vulgaris also participated in Season 4 High Stakes Poker and in the revived version of Poker After Dark, where played cache on 300/600 dollars against Phil Galfon, Bill Perkins and others.

The biggest victory in his career is High Rolller for One Drop with Bay-in 111 111 111 WSOP in 2017. Then Vulgaris took 4th place and earned in the world series poker 1 158 883 dollars.

A new challenge is football

Kharalab Vulgaris went with "Dallas Meverix" with a scandal. The Canadian poterist was called "Shadow Grasmaster" in a team but between him and other analyst Doni Nelson there was a conflict. After all, they both left the club.

Now Vulgaris seems to be completely away from basketball. Many experts who expected to see him in another NBA club were disappointed when they learned about the purchase of a Canadian with Greek roots of football team "Castellion". It is a Spanish club with a 100-year-old story that performs in the third division of Primera.

Vulgaris’s representation "Castelioni" / Photo

Buying a sports club was a long -standing dream of Karalabos Vulgaris. In an interview with ESPN back in 2013, he stated that he did not mind buying a basketball team if he had enough money won on rates. Looks like Kharalab Vulgaris has decided to fulfill his dream but football.