American Dream on Java: How Tom Twan turned 50 dollars into millions

Tom Twan, the same "durrrr" -One of the most successful online cackers in the history of the game. However, unlike many of their colleagues who have already become real media stars, Tom usually avoids unnecessary attention. Well, from this his success story becomes only more interesting.

Tom is a real unicum in the world of online cover and young players who are just starting their way, dreaming to go through it as "durrrr". Thing in the fact that dwan was able to become a successful poker. He had only $ 50.

With this money, Tom started playing online when he was 17 (2004), and at 18 he already had $ 50,000 on account. Soon "durrrr" Trip this amount. Literally in a few years, a duoden jumped from freezers and meager limits to cache games with the highest rates in the industry. His rivals became the main stars of poker, and the winnings began to be measured by seven -digit numbers. For 2008 "durrrr" earned $ 5,000,000, for 2010 – 7 000 000. And it’s only in cache.

The truly famous Tom became after participation in television shows "High Stakes Poker" and "Poker After Dark", where with his bluffs left in the fools of the best pointers on the planet. No wonder the nickname was glued to him "Blef’s king". What is just worth the rate of more than $ 250,000 out of 9-year on River against Phil Ive:

Another Tom’s favorite activity is a couple. In 2009 he started "Tom Dwan Challenge", In which he pledged to defeat any poterist except Phil Galfon, at a distance of 50 thousand distribution. To whom it played it, Tom promised to pay $ 1.5 million, in case.

True to the full Challenge never happened. Patrick Antonius responded first to him. However, when he found himself in a minus for 2 million, decided to redeem from continuation. And Tom’s duel with Dan Kates, in which the latter was leading more than a million, had to stop through events "Black Friday". However, both from time to time emphasize that sooner or later the confrontation.

Tom Twan / Photo: Cardplayer

His personal life volume, unlike professional. It became ground for many rumors around it. Not so long ago, the article about two on Wikipedia appeared information that he had married another professional poker Jean-Wand Belland. It was only a joke, but prompted an American a little to open the veil of her personal life. It turned out, in particular, that he was married with a charming blonde for Biananka: