Bluff per 100,000 dollars against the World Champion in boxing

Manny even participated in Asia and US tournaments. In the king he is not new. But American player Justin Smith ($ 2.5 million in prize for a career) told how hardly bluffan against Pacaio.

Then I and I was first played in poker against each other. I afforded for myself the most aggressive bluffs in my career, putting more than one hundred thousand dollars on River, he thought for almost 5 minutes and eventually dropped the top pair of ace. Pakyao began to ask me to show him his cards. Actually I had full garbage. But I am "Read" opponent and was certain that bluff was working. I usually don’t like to show my cards. Moreover, he did not want to poke Manny in the face that beat or deceived the champion. I didn’t want to upset him. So I asked three times, is he sure he wanted to see my hand. And he only nodded vigorously.

Finally Philippinets still persuaded Smith to open cards.

I showed him absolutely bluff, empty hand. He started looking what combination I gathered. When he realized that it was a brazen bluff, Manny glared at me and his fists squeezed. I suddenly realized that I was angry with boxing champion in eight weight categories ..

This story has a happy completion. Pakiao appreciated Blaf. Laughed his hand to Smith’s hand and even hugged him. It looks like Manny realized that in king, as in boxing, wins the stronger.