“Fat” Paris: Strmer Sleep for $ 200,000, which will become athlete in a year

Known Stripmer and Painter Pension Dag Regiment invented an effective way to bring himself into a brilliant fitness. An American who is famous for his passion for a variety of couples signed up for a difficult challenge, risking a round amount.

Dag Regiment was never afraid of challenges that just worth his hedz-up duel against Daniel Negrean. Another Polka opponent is businessman Bill Perkins, and at stake 200,000 dollars.

Daga is exactly a year to halve the percentage of subcutaneous fat that is 27.7% for this moment. Considering the capabilities of the assured Strmer, the regiment will be able to enlist the support of skilled trainers and various diets that will significantly contribute to the goal.

Bill Perkins / Photo Poker Central

However, it’s not about standard weight loss. Too a radical approach, given the short timeframes, can be reflected in the further health of the American. Nevertheless, some softeners think that for a whisk it is easy money. Their opinion is also shared by Perkins Bill, who confesses that it is a couple for him is something like motivational charity.