Huters have shaved Phil Helmut for greed on a poker show at the bike

Your greed "Poker Brat" explained tactics. Playing with a short stack, it can go much more often in the Alll-in with a better hand. According to Helmut, this strategy brings him a profit for many years and he still remains the most desirable guest in any poker show.

Viewers such a game Helmuta outraged. Most comments were negative so Phil promised to take $ 1,000,000 for the game next time.

Since 2012, I have brought up on 24 of the 25 TV shows. I have no minus month in the last 11 years. And Negrean says all the time that I play worse than my average grandmother, but when we spent 3 hedz-apps, for some reason I won everyone,-Helmut said.

Also "Poker Brat" did not appreciate the criticism of the goal of Berki and Daga Polyka, saying that Burki did not exist for him at all, and the regiment could reach much more, but lost the confidence of poker community in pursuit of sensational news that is not true. Daga answered Phil.

Yes, of course, when you promise to burn the casino – it is to blame, and when you advertise the obvious cryptochers – too. But continue to make 28 games out of 27, – said the regiment.

Phil Helmut will be in the center of events in the near future. "Poker Brat" will play hedz-up against Jason Kun for $ 1,600,000.