The main causes of poker failures: Tips from Prof that won almost $ 10 million

Charlie Carrell can rightly call himself a real specialist in tournament poker. The Briton in his 28 years won nearly $ 10 million prize in live tournaments and several million in online coat. A professional gave some advice to minimize failure in this difficult profession.

Charlie Carrell only 6 years ago began to demonstrate the first serious results in the intellectual game, and today he is considered one of the top pointers of Europe.

To succeed, Carrell believes, it would be impossible if it was not confidence in one’s own strength and skill. The main thing is that confidence does not grow into self -confidence, because then high results should not be expected. When a poterist is confident in himself, able to show a plus game even if he is pressed on the depth of Bankrol. For pumping this virtue, Charlie advises to do meditation.

Also British recommends MTT-shirts not to scatter their own attention, it is about online copper. Charlie Carrell usually plays no more than 4 tables at the same time that helps a poterist saving energy and financial resources. A modest session will also protect you from excessive concentration of Tilt, which will positively reflect on moral health.

Charlie Carrell / Photo Poker Central

It’s no secret that many pointers are terribly superstitious people, Charlie Carrell is no exception. The British does not like to brag about his success in king, but more, "to divide the skin of the unbound bear". Carrell in his own example was convinced that he repeatedly failed after announcing his participation in the later stages of tournaments. Excessive support of the support group imposes on the regulator the burden of unnecessary liability.

Modern game is rapidly developing and requires from pokerist permanent improvement. But the training should be rational, Charlie Carrell said. Need to rationally approach the processing of information by rejecting extra content and literature. Players with a narrow professional specialization, say NL25, studying other limits or varieties of game will only interfere in development.