Having played nearly a million euros, Galfon won the match with “Venividi1993”

Recall at the end of last year, the American challenged all Hirolers. Play against him 25,000 handcuffs and stay on plus. With different conditions, five players were given good high limits: online Perkins, Kates and Schwartz stars, as well as online vaporists "Action Freak" and "Venividi1993".

Exactly "Veni" became the first participant of the hedz-up battle. And the player started from the network just brilliantly. He won the session by session and at the peak of his dominance fled to a break in nearly one million euros! Phil even took a pause to come to mind and think about whether to complete the confrontation. Eventually the American still decided not to put weapons. And not in vain.

Galfund took a month to catch up "The fugitive". Intrigue survived up to the final session. Rivals walked literally near. A real thriller. Even on the final day of battle, preference roamed from one player to another. Key in the last session, and therefore in the duel, became a false kol "Veni". The boys played in Omah. Phil collected Ful-House from a dozen and four, and his rival junior Ful House. Galfund won more than twenty thousand euros. And eventually held the advantage. Stayed in plus for one and a half thousand euros. Top American will receive another 100,000 euros from "Veni". If triumphs from the network from the network, Phil would pay him 200 thousand euros.

Galfond Challenge. Photo: Rio

And the real amount of winning American will be noticeably more modest. After all, for every day the pause, which Galfon took when he was in the big minus, he paid the opponent of six thousand euros. A little later "Veni" also rested but much less. So "fine" American star was just about one hundred thousand euros. So, the battle of the poterists was completed with almost the same fortune as they started.

But it seems that the number of fans of each of the players has increased. After all at the final confrontation of the Galfon and "Venividi1993" The live broadcast was monitored by 25,000 people.