The most anticipated movie of the year about poker: When will the premiere “Poker Face” take place

Filming began in 2021 in Sydney, although at first director Gary Fleder planned to organize the whole process in Miami. However, because of rigid anti -cowful restrictions in Australia, he could not fly to the country. Russell Crow Candidate was successfully approved not only for the main role but also for the director’s place.

"Poker face" – This is Russell Crow’s second movie. His director’s debut occurred in 2014 in a movie "Water seeker". The new picture where he plays Jake Fooli-a billionaire player, tells about a group of friends who decided to play poker on high ponds. Unexpectedly to the mansion where events unfold, the killer penetrates. They understand that it is not just about money.

About the movie is not so much but the list of actors is impressive. Together with Russell Crow starred actor "Hungry games" Liam Hemsworth and American rapper rza with wu-tang clan. Elsa Pataki with "Furc" Also part of the cast.

The actors of the movie "Poker face" / Photo

The movie will appear on the screens already in November. Premiere "Poker face" scheduled for November 16, and in a week the picture will be available on streaming platforms.