Millionaire-Sleeping took up a pen in the company model-photo

Despite the unrestrained thirst for adventures, even the guys like Dan, now have to sit at home in quarantine. According to Bilzerian, he has found time for the first time in 7 years to read the book.

The millionaire confessed that he plans to continue to perform quarantine, in particular:

Have sex, not worry, calm the mind and write a few books.

In case the last part of the Belzerian plan was perceived as a joke, Playboy confirmed the absolute seriousness of his intentions:

When I said I was writing my book I meant that I really write it myself and not dictate notes for some hired author. If you want to do something right then have to do it yourself.

What the book will be about, the Belzerians have not yet admitted. Yes, given his lifestyle, Dan is exactly what to tell, including poker successes.

By the way, the girl in the photo that so carefully monitors the writing attempts of Belzerian, obviously – his next passion. It is not the first time appearing in the photo from Dan’s home, conducting quarantine with him. Girl’s name is hayley and she is a model.