Poker intrigue October: Who will get a “purple jacket” for $ 50,000

The peculiarity of the Poker Masters series is its own leaderboard, the winner of which will traditionally receive a purple jacket and a $ 50,000 champion bonus. Currently the main contender for stylish "trophy" There is Sean Winter.

American poker won the event # 9 by earning a tidy sum $ 432,000. Now it was Winter who rose to the top of the series leaders table where only one final tournament is left to play. Incredible lift to the player managed to do in just a few days.

In tournament # 7 with Bay-in 25,000 dollars Sean Winter took 2nd place. In Ivant # 9, the American went out to hedz-up again, where he was able to defeat the chief pursuer in the lead Nika Shulman. Both of them went competing in the final event Poker Masters for $ 50,000. Schulman flew one of the first, Winter shortly before the final table.

The game will continue from the 7-max. The final will play some poker stars. Scott Sever, Seth Davis and Jason Kun. They are haunted by Adrian Mateos, Nikita Bodyakovsky, Eric Sideel and Daniel Negrean. The winner of the final competition at Poker Masters will receive $ 666,000.