The legend of poker “threw” for almost $ 2 million

Scott made the role of scoundrel in this story "Rumcakes" Ball. This guy is well known in the poker community, because he has been significantly promoting the game. The thing is that by the efforts of Bolla Poker at one time appeared on Twitch. It was Scott who offered such an idea to one of the bosses of the platform. Due to the fact that the plan worked more than successfully, Scott Ball headed the development of poker direction on Twitch, and later founded his own marketing company.

In the process of Rumcakes met a lot of professional players, including Phil Helmut. Last year, Phil entrusted Ball to organize his private cache on online with limits of $ 5/10/20. Rumcakes convinced Helmut to hire his familiar accountant who would control all the financial affairs of a private game. Specialist received a salary of $ 1,000 per week from Phil. Soon the accountant himself, Ball and several more of his friends had already participated in the game and, as it turned out, played in conspiracy, which allowed them to get at least $ 700 thousand during 2020. Another star poker and Helmut friend Mike Matus told this about it.

And most interesting, throughout the time, Ball remained in a wonderful relationship with Helmut. He even persuaded Phil to invest more than $ 1 million in his company! Most of this money Scott did not even use for business, but "He glowed" them in other games games.

According to Matusova, in 2020, Helmut lost about $ 1.8 million through Rumcakes. And, at the same time, Mike told that Phil is unlikely to try to get his money back. There were no legal agreements between them, so it is almost impossible to prove the blame in court. But here’s the reputation of the latter now is definitely destroyed.